Jason Wolf is a 4th year in the School of Individualized Study, pursuing concentrations in UX Design & Political Science. He has been involved with the RITCD since 2015, and wants to work in nonprofit resource development.

Vice President

Sheldon Lewis II is a third-year Computer Engineering Technology major who has canvassed for multiple political campaigns. He visits two of the political clubs on campus to have a more open dialogue about politics. He aims to mend the divide between parties and advocates for bipartisanship in the political forum.


Jacob Taloricco is a second-year Economics major. He has worked as a political canvasser and is also active in the student environmental action league.


Noah Reuter is a 4th year physics major and treasurer of the College Democrats. This is his second year serving on e-board. He is on the e-board to try and engage other students in politics and make them more aware of the problems in our country.

Public Relations Officer

Zachary Talis is a 2nd year Computer Science student. He's fond of virtual reality, and was once in a Hershey Park commercial. His hobbies include game design, songwriting, and competitively drafting hot takes.